Hiroto Tashima

田島宏人 俳優



2020年 石田聖也とA cross.labを設立。大濠公園での野外劇「レミング」や、2021年には街歩きと映画撮影を通して、街の未来と個人との繋がりを考える「52秒のシティグラフ」を企画。


Hiroto Tashima Actor

Mainly active as an actor in Fukuoka. Joined the Film Studies Department when he was in college. In 2009, a group of members and a movie group
Established “Obsessional Proletariat” and directed 6 independent films.

It was called as a guest performance of a play in 2013 and was the first stage. After that, I met the work of the theater unit Somegokoro,
Belongs after participating as a guest performance. Received the Nagoya Theater Festival Actor Award for the solo play “Nocturne”.
2020 Established A cross.lab with Seiya Ishida. In 2021, he planned a “52-second city graph” that considers the connection between the future of the city and individuals through the outdoor drama “Lemming” at Ohori Park and walking around the city and shooting movies.

Space regeneration business GIGA,
Gingira Sun’s,
Stupid Damian, etc.
Appeared in various theater companies in Fukuoka.