Seiya Ishida

石田聖也  劇作家/演出家

自身の戯曲の上演や既成戯曲の立ち上げのみならず、観客の記憶をその場で上演するプレイバックシアター「ききがたり」、俳優の記憶を再現・再構築する「ココ、ドコカ、目覚める風景。」、劇場空間を野外に見立てた仮想野外劇「銀河鉄道の夜」、ビデオインスタレーション×演劇をコンセプトに創作された「スクリーン」など、創作方法やスタイルを作品ごとに変化させる。また、2020年には研究室『A cross.lab』を発足、「街と劇場の未来学」をテーマに研究を開始。

Seiya Ishida Playwright / Director

In 2013, the theater unit Somegokoro was launched. Since then, he has directed most of the works.
In addition to the performance of his own drama and the launch of ready-made drama, the playback theater “Kikigatari” that performs the memory of the audience on the spot, and “Coco, Dococa, Awakening Scenery” that reproduces and reconstructs the memory of the actor. , A virtual outdoor drama “Galaxy Railroad Night” that resembles a theater space outdoors, and a “screen” created with the concept of video installation x drama, etc., changing the creative method and style for each work. In 2020, the laboratory “A cross.lab” was established, and research began under the theme of “future studies of towns and theaters.”