Seiya Ishida

石田聖也  劇作家/演出家

1991年11月生まれ。山口県周南市出身。2013年、福岡大学在学中に大学の仲間と演劇ユニットそめごころを旗揚げ。以降、ほとんどの作品で演出を務める。既成戯曲の立ち上げの他、自身の戯曲の上演も積極的に行う。学生運動を題材とした一人芝居「ノクターン」で第3回せんだい短編戯曲賞最終候補作品に選出、浅間山荘事件を題材とした戯曲「反復する、イクツカノ時間と、交わる、イクツモノ時間の中で、僕らにできる、イクツカノこと。」で九州戯曲賞最終候補作品へ選出、愛媛/東京/福岡の3都市ツアーを行う。作風としては俳優の記憶や自身の過去の体験を作品に反映させるのを特徴としており、観客の語る記憶をその場で上演するプレイバックシアター「ききがたり」などのコンダクターも務める。その他、演劇と映像インスタレーションを掛け合わせたパフォーマンス「スクリーン」や、女優の魂の展示会を舞台とした演劇「魂の女優ごっこ展-永遠の役を生きるわたしたち-」、公園で観客と移動しながら上演する野外劇「レミング 世界の涯てまで連れてって」(戯曲:寺山修司)、劇場内を野外に見立てた仮想野外劇「銀河鉄道の夜」(原作:宮沢賢治)、美術館でヘッドフォンを着用して回遊する体験型パフォーマンスツアー「THE FIRST CLASS」の共同演出、野外でカセットテープを使ったサウンド・インスタレーションの創作など、その活動は多岐に渡る。

Seiya Ishida Playwright / Director

Born in November 1991 in Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. In 2013, while a student at Fukuoka University, he launched the theater unit SOMEGOKORO with his university friends. Since then, he has directed most of the productions. In addition to launching existing plays, he is also actively involved in staging his own plays. His one-man play “Nocturne,” about the student movement, was selected as a finalist for the 3rd Sendai Short Drama Award, and his play about the Asama Sanso Incident, “What we can do in the repetition of Ikutsukano time and the intersection of Ikutsumono time. The play was selected as a finalist for the Kyushu Drama Award, and toured Ehime, Tokyo, and Fukuoka. His style is characterized by reflecting actors’ memories and their own past experiences in his works, and he is also the conductor of “Kigatari,” a playback theater that performs the audience’s memories on the spot. Other works include “Screen,” a performance that crosses theater and video installation; “Soul Actress Exhibition: We Who Live Everlasting Roles,” a play set in an exhibition of actresses’ souls; “Lemming: Take Me to the End of the World,” an outdoor play performed in a park as the audience moves with the playwright; and “The World’s End,” an outdoor play performed in a park. (play by Shuji Terayama); “Night on the Galactic Railroad” (original story by Kenji Miyazawa), a virtual outdoor play using the theater as an outdoor space; co-direction of “THE FIRST CLASS,” an interactive performance tour in which participants wear headphones and walk around the museum; and creation of sound installations using cassette tapes in the outdoors. He has also created sound installations using cassette tapes in the outdoors.