Ryuki Ueno

上野隆樹  演出家/劇作家/音響



ライブで行われる俳優の演技に対し、用意された音を音響として用いることによって生じる劇空間の異和に耐えられず、自己の創作作品では音響を行なっている。音の加工を劇の進行に合わせて行うことで、異和の解決を目指してきた。また、INDEPENDENT FUK :20参加作品からは、録音した音を加工し生演奏する方法で音響を行なっている。

Ryuki Ueno Director / Playwright / Sound

Based in Fukuoka, he mainly directs and plays plays.
In 2017, he participated in “Chizuto Ayumu” as a guest performance, and in 2018, he became a member of the theater unit Somegokoro.
Initially, he belonged as an actor.

Launched Mr. daydreamer in 2017 and created various works as a script and direction. Received 3 categories including the grand prize at Fukuoka Student Theater Festival 2018. At the 5th National Student Theater Festival, the director’s work won the Jury Prize.

I can’t stand the discomfort of the play space caused by using the prepared sound as sound for the acting of the actor performed live, and I am doing sound in my own creative work. By processing the sound according to the progress of the play, we have aimed to solve the discomfort. Also, from the INDEPENDENT FUK: 20 participating works, the recorded sound is processed and played live.